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ENA Podcast

The ENA Podcast provides monthly updates to all things emergency nursing. Featuring member interviews, news, and updates directly from the Emergency Nurses Association.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on the show are that of the individual and may not be representative of the Emergency Nurses Association.

Jun 27, 2024

The heat is on during the latest episode of the ENA Podcast as Kris Powell talks about spotting signs of heat illness in the ED, watching out for vulnerable populations and the information every ED nurse can share with others to avoid a heat-related trip to the emergency department when the temperature rises.

Jun 21, 2024

Fun, interactive and energetic - that's what Randy Fox promises when he takes the stage as keynote speaker for Emergency Nursing 2024. On this episode of the ENA Podcast, Randy gives a taste of his enduring messages about reigniting the passion to serve with excellence and living a life the world is truly waiting for as...

Jun 10, 2024

The latest episode of the ENA Podcast explores the upcoming launch of ENA's Triage Workshop, a program aimed a filling the triage education gap. Hear takeaways about workshop pilots from two nurse educators who share their thoughts about this live, peer-centered, instructor-led, workshop and its goal to boost triage...