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ENA Podcast

The ENA Podcast provides monthly updates to all things emergency nursing. Featuring member interviews, news, and updates directly from the Emergency Nurses Association.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on the show are that of the individual and may not be representative of the Emergency Nurses Association.

Oct 3, 2022

Nisreen Atta became an ED nurse in January 2020 and hasn't looked back ever since at work as an ENA member. In the final ENA Podcast episode from Denver, Atta talks about being a first-time General Assembly delegate and attending her first ENA annual conference.

Oct 3, 2022

The latest ENA Podcast from Emergency Nursing 2022 in Denver provides an update on the work Mednition is doing to enhance triage. Hear from Mednition CEO and co-Founder Steven Reilly and Mednition Patient Care Lead Deena Breecher as they talk about the heightened importance of triage amid staffing issues, as well as the...

Oct 1, 2022

The ENA Podcast kicks off its coverage of Emergency Nursing 2022 by welcoming Shonda Ramirez from the Northwell Nurse Choir, which surprised attendees with a performance during today's opening session.